Thicker 15mm trays

This is something unexpected and even we are still surprised by the result. We asked our manufacturer how would look our trays if we made them out of slightly thicker plastic. After a week of our request, we received a prototype and immediately we agreed to produce it. The new trays are 25% thicker than the previous ones. The lid is still the same.
The new tray will be perfect everywhere we store a lot of heavy parts, e.g. wooden blocks for war games.

Unfortunately, it will not be suitable for those titles in which we connect the trays without lids and we want to do it with as much “squeeze” as possible. The new trays fit into each other to a depth of 2mm less. In some games connected in this way, there are 4-6 trays, and this 2mm difference causes the lid of the box will not to close fully. I am thinking of such titles as 1849, 18Ireland, or even 18CZ and 1844. Every millimeter is important there and the trays that you already know fulfill their role perfectly.

The new trays are now available in the store. Despite the fact that their production is more expensive, we fight against inflation and their price is the same as the current trays.

The change only applies to the 15mm trays with 20 compartments. The remaining trays and lids have not changed.


  • Standard Tray: 15mm depth, 20 compartments, THICKER, NO LID LINK
  • Standard Tray: 15mm depth, 20 compartments THICKER LINK

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