The first review of our trays on Youtube!

We have to show it! Because it is the first professional review of our trays. The reviewer was Alexander from the Players Aid channel. He bought a set of our trays dedicated to Atlantic Chase. So you can see his opinion on how this set works inside the game, but it is a small part of the show!
What happens to the trays during the presentation is pure magic and do not try it alone, unless you have help to arrange everything in the box once again (especially with trays from previous productions – they have a matted lid). Our new trays have a really perfect closure and we are constantly working on improving them.

Until now, over 2,000 people have seen the review! It is a big achievement for us. We are happy that we have entered the world of wargames.

Many thanks to the authors of Players Aid for their review.

If you haven’t seen it yet, please visit this link:

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