Standard Card Trays – when will they be back in stock?

We got a lot of questions about these trays. The first edition is sold out and before it happened we had decided to make them a little more useful. Because in many cases, there wasn’t a lot of free space inside the game box to fit trays inside. So we decided to make them a bit smaller.

The space inside the tray was good enough so we didn’t change it. The only places that could be fixed are the sides of the tray and its edge. We wanted to achieve the effect of assuming that a standard GMT box must fit 8 trays one next to each other, e.g. on the bottom of the box. To achieve this, the narrowing of the walls had to be very radical. The measurement result showed that the mold will be less than 1mm thick at its narrowest point! We have been working on metal molds for some time and only on them we could achieve such parameters. The manufacturer took up the challenge and we received the prototype at the beginning of August.

After some corrections, we got another prototype a few days ago. There is one thing left to improve and we hope production will start soon. In August, we promised you that these trays would be ready in early September. Unfortunately, everything takes a little longer than we would like and the current most likely date is the end of September or the beginning of October.

One more note: the space inside the tray has even been increased a little. It was possible thanks to lifting the lid and the tray itself as well. The whole thing will therefore contain more cards, and for smaller decks, the second lower box will be ready at this same time.

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