Prototypes of new euro card trays are ready

We’re excited to announce that our new euro card trays prototypes are ready. This new edition features a few changes that we hope will improve our sets.

The height of the trays has been increased by 2.5mm to 17.5mm, which is the same as our deep trays. Additionally, the lid now has a delicate recess at the corner, which provides an extra 1mm for the cards and allows you to fit 8-12 more cards in each tray. This means you’ll need fewer boxes for games like 1846 or 1848.

We’ve also reduced the thickness of the walls to make the trays smaller, but the inner surface remains the same and will still comfortably accommodate cards in thick sleeves. The boxes are now slightly thicker as well.

Production of these trays is set to begin in early March and now in the preorder phase, they are available at a promotional price of 20% off.

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