Memoir 44 with our trays

This title has surprised us twice.

When it turned out that our trays are perfect for storing army miniatures. All amazingly detailed infantry, tanks, and artillery fit inside our trays very well.

The second time was when we put card boxes into the game box together with our trays. They fit perfectly! It looks like the trays and card boxes were designed especially for this box size! Let me remind you that the Memoir 44 box is square. It is the first square box in which we could test our trays together with card boxes.

Below you can see how everything fits perfectly in the box!

And of course don’t forget, that we have a set of trays to the game and its three expansions! Links:

Standard tray with army miniatures.

Game box with our standard trays together with card trays

Set to the base game

Set to the Eastern Front expansion.

Set to the Operation Overlord expansion.

Set to the Winter Wars expansion.

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