Big update: 6 new wargames + free stickers!

We are happy to announce that we have added the set of trays to Commands & Colors: Ancients with all Expansions! It is the biggest set of trays prepared ever! It contains 20 trays in total, and in most of the game boxes, there is left plenty of space. So you can put 2-3 sets of trays inside one expansion box!

If you have all expansions or most of them, then you can buy the whole set in one click and save money! We prepared ALL IN ONE set. It contains trays for the main game and all expansions and it is 10% cheaper. Easier for you and your wallet 😉

The second game added is one of the latest DVG titles: Soldiers in Postmen’s Uniforms.

Finally, we have a small surprise for you!
For every $20 spent, you can get free stickers sheet with 189 labels (as in the photo below). They are easy to write and remove if needed. This way you can describe your trays. To get free stickers for your order, please use the code ‘freestickers‘ (or write us a message). This coupon code works till the end of the month.


Free stickers


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