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Extra-Long Sticks – A Nice New Addition to Our Shop

A long time ago, my gaming friend asked me to search for long sticks for board games. The only ones I found were in Splotter Spellen’s ‘Bus’ game, and I couldn’t help him. A few months ago, I ordered some from our token manufacturer, and after waiting for a few months, they’re finally ready to be shown to you. They are 50mm in length (almost 2 inches).

Right now, we have 12 colors available, and one of them is unfinished wood. This one is perfect for painting yourself, so you can have sticks in any color you wish.

My wife suggested that we sell them as counting sticks. The sound they make when falling one by one is very pleasant, and I think children will like it.

We’re waiting for your suggestions and ideas, and we’ll be happy to hear from you.

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