New tokens colors

Pink Attack

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to our token offerings with the addition of special edition pink tokens. These tokens were created in response to a specific request, and we have only produced a very limited quantity of them. The pink tokens include airplanes, sailplanes, trucks, and towers.

In particular, the last token might be particularly enticing, as a set of them can be highly useful in the Marrakesh game. To the Marrakesh game, you will require this set of towers:

  • Blue x3
  • Black x3
  • Brown x3
  • Grey x3
  • White x3
  • Pink x3
  • Green x3
  • Red x3
  • Natural x2
  • Yellow x2
  • Violet x2
  • Orange x2

Our token selection continues to expand each day. Just yesterday, we introduced a variety of new additions to our shop:

  • 10mm Cube: Available in tan. Link
  • 12mm Cube: Now offered in brown, cherry, inky, navy blue, and tan. Link
  • 16x16x8 Small Blocks: In inky and tan. Link
  • Counter Sled 14mm (9/16 inch): In inky. Link
  • House 15x12x10 mm: Presented in light blue. Link
  • Like/Hand 22x21x5 mm: Designed for painting, available in orange. Link
  • Mini Boat 18x8mm: In cherry and tan. Link
  • Train 12x20mm: In cherry and navy blue. Link
  • Standard Meeple 17x17x10mm: In navy blue. Link
  • Standard Pawn 12x25mm: In tan. Link

Stay tuned for more updates! 😊

By the way, here’s a small update on our new Tarot Card Holders:

We received the initial batch of prototypes just this past Monday. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t meet our quality standards. As a result, we’ve requested adjustments to the molds. This process will take a few weeks, which is regrettable. We sincerely apologize for the delay and will keep you updated.

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