New tokens colors

Our wooden tokens ready to paint

We are happy to present you a new color of our wooden tokens. It is an unvarnished pure wood that is perfect for painting with paints. This way you can create unique color sets for your games and amaze your friends. Your kids will be delighted when they get such pawns and after painting them they will be able to play their favorite board game with them. We are waiting for your photos. The first one will be rewarded with free extra pawn sets.

Right now we have ready to buy:

30x5mm disc LINK

8mm cube LINK

10x5mm disc LINK

10x10mm cylinder LINK

15x27mm cylinder LINK

16x16x8 Small Blocks LINK

21x21x5mm square LINK

25mm stick LINK

Big Slim Pawn 15x38mm LINK

Boat / Ship from Seafarers of Catan 20x18x8mm LINK

City from The Settlers / Church LINK

Settlement from The Settlers / House LINK

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