Extra low trays – finally some decisions…

Any news are better than no news, but finally I can write something possitive 😀

Extra low trays are still a future product and we will probably have to prepare new forms and rethink what this product should look like. The biggest problem is its height, it is so small and even the form on which the plastic is molded causes production problems. The manufacturer suggested that we could reduce the thickness of the plastic, but such a tray bends too easily and opens by itself. I don’t want to offer you anything that I don’t like or something that does not meet my expectations, so I will continue to work on this product, but I also have very good news.

I found a solution that fits all games! I have tested various tray combinations that we already have on offer and our old trays can be used in the way as the extra low trays were originally planned. At the same time, it will be cheaper!

To 1849, as many as 5 trays for the tracks tiles are needed, of which 4 were supposed to be extra-low trays, which are still not ready. Our old trays, however, have the advantage that they fit together when we put one on top of the other (the other one without the lid, of course). If there is a lot of space left in the tray, this bond is very durable and nothing in the game box will open and fall out. This way, you can combine several high trays or a high tray with a low tray (low at the bottom).

This way to 1849 you need 5 trays: 4 x standard 15mm ones and one lower at the bottom. Only one of them needs a lid! The whole thing is very solid and everything fits perfectly into the box. It is impossible for anything to fall out, because this solution is intended for those games where there is not enough space for normal trays. So the lid of the box presses the whole thing down and protects them from opening. You can keep games upside down or take them on a long trip and when you open the box, everything will be on the right place.
The advantage of this solution is the price, because the trays without lids will be much cheaper!

Below you can see how this solution works in practice, you can also test it on your own trays that you have already bought from us.
We tested the described solution on such games: 1862, 1844/54, 1849, 1883. Each of these games closes with the proposed set of trays. Even 1862!

There are three more games to check out: 1840, 18Ireland and 18CZ. And as soon as we find the perfect set of trays for them, we will add them to the offer.

In our new store CUBE4ME.COM you can buy ready sets of trays for all 18xx games issued in large quantities. This way, you don’t have to count the trays you need!

Until the end of August we have a promotion and with the code HELLOCUBE4ME, you will get a 20% discount on the entire order!

4 thoughts on “Extra low trays – finally some decisions…

    1. Marcin says:

      Thanks 🙂

  1. Corey Small says:

    I’d like to take advantage of your promotional offer but the two games I need trays for are 1849 and Ireland. Do you think you’ll have Ireland posted soon, before the end of August?

    1. Marcin says:

      Yes, I have 18Ireland on my shelf, I need 1-2 days to check how many trays there will be needed.

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