Polishing Shipping Prices – Changes for Europe and New Zealand

We recently received new shipping rates from Polish Post, and the changes are quite significant, with some prices increasing by as much as 40%! While this news is far from ideal for us, we want to reassure you that we’ve explored our shipping options and have some positive updates to share.

Despite these increases, most of our shipping prices will remain the same as before. For those that have risen, we’re offering you a choice. When the price for shipping with Polish Post (especially for larger packages) becomes higher, you’ll often have the option to select a cheaper and faster delivery service with UPS. Surprisingly, UPS offers better rates for larger packages to most European countries compared to Polish Post.

However, there’s an exception for Scandinavian countries, where the prices are significantly higher 🙁

Due to varying zones across Europe for both Polish Post and UPS, we’ve decided to adjust our prices for similar regions. This means substantially cheaper delivery options to our neighbors: Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, with prices for larger packages being 50% cheaper!

We’re also offering very competitive shipping rates to most EU countries, including the United Kingdom, with larger packages again being up to 50% cheaper! Unfortunately, a few countries fall into the last “cold zone,” where Polish Post offers reasonable rates, but UPS prices are exorbitantly high.

For many countries, there might be special locations where UPS delivery will incur extra charges, such as small villages far from cities. Such additional fees are typically $25. In these instances, we will contact you to possibly alter the delivery method.

And now for another positive update! New Zealand has returned to the zone where deliveries of packages up to 2kg are possible for a very reasonable fee.

You can check all the details under this link:

As always, thank you for your support!

PS. The scope of these changes was extensive, but everything should function smoothly as we have tested all the adjustments. However, if there are any issues, such as countries with no shipping options or incorrect prices, please let us know.

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