Stickers on your invoices

We try our best to pack your orders to protect them against a long and dangerous journey, which means that we combine trays of the same size into a larger group. This way, if you had ordered several separate tray sets for different games, the sets are mixed up and you will probably have a problem with regrouping them into individual titles.

I was wondering how to make your life easier and somehow label the trays so that when you open the package you will know immediately that this tray is dedicated to 1846, and that tray is dedicated to 1830.

I hope you will like this solution:
On the invoice that you will find in the package, next to the name of the set of trays, there is a small colored dot on it, each set on the invoice is marked with a different color of the dot. Identical dots are stuck on the trays. These dots are small stickers that come off easily and leave no marks.
This way you will know that all the blue sticker trays are part of the 1846 game set.

Write if this idea worked in practice, it seems to me that it is a very practical solution.

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