Cooperation with The Boardgames Chronicle

We can say, that we are masters of 18xx games, but wargames are the brand new land for us, long and full of unknown games, that is why we are very proud of the cooperation with The Boardgames Chronicle.

Together with Michal, we prepared a set of trays dedicated to war games! Michal suggested to us a few titles, and after a few months of preparing, we are ready to show you three sets of trays dedicated to very well-known war games.

Those are:

  • The Combat Commander
  • Atlantic Chase


  • Empire of the Sun

As always our sets fit inside the game boxes very well and they allow to sort all tokens. In this way your games are ready to play anytime. I know that it is only a dream because in many cases you need to put a ton of tokens and markers on the gameboard, but this way for sure you can do it faster and have more time to enjoy the game.

If you like our idea, then Michal will prepare more sets of trays to next titles.

You can buy those sets in our shop here:

We are waiting for your opinions, and if they are successful then expect more news soon.

Game box with our trays.
One of the trays from Empire of the Sun
Game box with our trays
One of the trays with tokens and counters from Atlantic Chase
Game box with our trays
One of the trays with counters from Combat Commander

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